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Easy Camping Meals for Kids

If you go camping with your kids it will be a great experience for them. It increases your children's basic life skills, such as cooking with small resources and many more. Parents often think that its difficult to make food for their kids while camping. But do not worry. you can learn an easy way to make meals for your kids here.

First of all, you have to maintain some basic rules before making meals. They are

Fresh Ingredients

Always choose fresh and easy ingredients for your kids. It can be finely diced vegetables and perfect cubes of pre-sliced meat.

Foil Packet

Your camping best friend is foil packets. foil-wrapped camping meals provide plenty of options for delicious and simple recipes.

Cook the Food at Home and Reheat

You can cook some food at home before you leave for camping. Because it takes is a few seconds in the frying pan to warm them up. So that you can feed your kids instantly.

Freeze your Food

Freeze your food if you are planning to go for longer trips. It can be a great way to keep your food fresh.

Easy food recipes


Kids do not love it. But it is the easiest meal option when you want something ready in a minute. You just need some roll oatmeal, dried milk powder, brown sugar, salt, fruits. Then cook it instantly when your kids are hungry. It will take less than 3 minutes.


Just Pre-chop all ingredients. Pre scrambles the eggs and seal them in an airtight container. Then put it into pan, cook and eat.


Pancakes are very easy to make. You will need flour, baking powder, milk powder, sugar, salt, eggs, and water. Mix all the ingredients in an airtight bag excluding eggs and water. When you want to cook, mix the egg and water and put it into the pan. add a teaspoon of oil or butter. Cook it until it turns brown or is fully cooked.

Veggie Wraps

Take some chopped vegetables, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, mushrooms and skewer them. Spray the veggies lightly with cooking spray or oil. You can add tofus. Summer sausage, cheese, and crackers.

Hot Dogs

Take a pack of hot dogs. Stick a fork for cooking. Then cook the grill as long as needed. It will take a maximum of 10 minutes. So easy to serve.

Mac and Cheese

kids love to eat mac and cheese. You just need a pack of macaroni, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, cream, butter, salt, and pepper. Cook the pasta in a bowl of water. Add cream, butter, and cheese. Stir the salt and pepper. Cook it for until hot and cheesy.

Many people think that cooking a pie in a camp is difficult or awful. But actually, it's not. You just need slices of bread, butter, any fruit pie filling. You will need a pie iron to make this. Spray the pie iron with cooking spray. Place the slice of bread in it and spread the apple pie filling. Close the pie toaster and cook it in a hot campfire.

Camping With Kids Checklist

If you are an outdoor lover and a family man, its never too early to start camping with your kids. You can think in outdoor, your kids may not sleep, or they will get bored. But don’t worry, camping with your kids is a great way to initiate them joys of being outside. So with the right planning, you can make your camping is a successful one.
Before making a checklist for camping with your kids, you have to do some more things

Camping practice at home

If your kids are going with you for the first time, practice camping once or twice inside your home or the backyards. Let them play with it and sleep in so that they will be comfortable while on a trip. Try a family day outing near your house so you will see how your kids react in this experience.

Make your tent

Make sure your tent is big enough when you are on camping with kids. Also, check if it is free of leaks or tears. Because it will be worse when you waking up find out overnight rain gives a bad effect on your kids.


If your child likes to sleep with toys like a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, sound machine or etc. make sure to bring it. It will make their camping more comfortable.


It is sure your campgrounds will not brighter than your home. So bring some string lights to make the campsite a little less scary for your kids.

Fire safety

Always make sure that your kids are far away from the camp campfire. Bring their own miniature chair which they love to sit in the house.

Camping with kids checklist

Heres a helpful checklist for camping with kids


1. Tent

2. Tent repair kit

3.  Ground cloths or tarp

4.  Stakes

5.  Hammer

6.  Lighting

7.  Portable crib for younger kids

8.  Pillows & kids’ favorite items for sleep time

1.  Play clothes
2.  Raingear
3.  Sleepwear
4.  Gloves
5.  Hats
6.  Swimsuits
7.  Hiking boots
8.  Wool socks
9.  Camp shoes
10. Diapers/nappies (if applicable)


1. Sleeping bags
2. Blankets
3. Sheets
4. Pillows
5. Sleeping pads
6. Sleeping pad repair kit

1.  Matches or lighter
2.  Stove
3.  Fuel for stove
4.  Pot
5.  Frying pan
6.  Firewood
7.  portable coffee maker
8.  Cooler
9.  Ice
10. Corkscrew
11. Tablecloth
12. Roasting sticks for marshmallows, hot dogs
13. Food-storage containers, bags
14. Water bottles
15. Trash bags
16. Plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives
17. Water bottles
18. Paring knife, spatula, cooking spoon
19. Cups, mugs
20. Biodegradable soap
21. Cutting board
22. Paper towels
23. Foil
24. Sponge, dishcloth, dishtowel
25. Extra bin for washing dishes
26. Reusable water bottles for everyone
27. Formula or baby food for infants as needed
28. S’mores supplies (graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate)
29. Water purifier (optional)

1. Homemade or store-bought fire-starting tinder
2. Kindling
3. Tinder collected at the campsite
4. Larger sticks
5. Matches, lighter, or fire starter
6. Bundle of firewood
7. Paper or plastic plate

Personal item
1. Insect repellant
2. Sunscreen
3. Prescription medications
4. First-aid kit
5. Toothbrush, toiletries
6. Soap

Backwoods Pottying

1. Toilet paper or baby wipes in a plastic bag
2. Small poop shovel or garden trowel
3. Diaper rash cream for babies
4. Hand sanitizer
5. Plastic bag for trash

First Aid
1.  Adhesive bandages (e.g., Band-Aids)
2.  Hurt-free antiseptic wash
3.  Antibiotic ointment
3.  Thermometer
4.  Nail scissors
5.  Medical tape
6.  Anti-itch remedy
7.  Cough drops
8.  Emergency blanket
9.  Lubricating eyedrops
10. Safety whistle
11. Moleskin for blisters
12. Fine-pointed tweezers
12. Ibuprofen (e.g., Motrin or Advil; children’s and adult)
13. Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol; children’s and adult)
14. Antihistamine (e.g., Benadryl; children’s and adult)
15. Butterfly closures
16. ACE bandage
17. Small and large gauze pads
18. Zinc oxide (for sun protection and diaper rash)

Fun and games

1.  Glow sticks
2.  Bubbles
3.  Play tent
4.  Hunt list or camping bingo
5.  Favorite games, coloring books & crayons
6.  Books for bedtime
7.  Deck of cards
8.  Journal/drawing implement
9.  Binoculars (for stargazing & wildlife spotting)
10. Fishing gear/license and bait

Family Camping Checklist and Tips

Image result for Family CampingCamping is a great source of enjoyment and fun with family and friends. Before going you have to make sure you are well equipped for your outdoor adventure. Because it's nice to have a comfortable, homey and convenient campsite. Here you can get an important checklist for your family camping.

Easy camping tips

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Select a camping date

Select a campground which is suitable for you and your family. Try to leave early in the morning and set up camp before it gets dark.

Preparing the gearImage result for Family Camping

Check once or twice to your checklist to make sure you take all the important things. Check your tent, gear, match or lighter if they are damaged.

Prepare the food

Image result for Prepare the food Camping
You will have to make food by yourself before leaving. Because your checklist does not include foods. So make a plan for food. Prepare what you can make at home. Cut the vegetables, marinate the meats. Freeze your foods for a long time. Try to select easy items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seal your food items in an airtight bag or ziplock bag. Do not forget to bring the necessary utensils.

Invite friends

Image result for Prepare the food Camping
Camping with kids or alone is great and enjoyable. But if you bring your or kids' friends, it will increase your experience and fun more.

Essential family camping

 Image result for Essential family camping

1.   Tent

2.   Tent rainfly

3.   Tent stakes

4.   Sleeping bags

5.   Sleeping pads or air mattress
6.   Tent footprint
7.   Pillows
8.   Camp chairs
9.   Headlamp, lanterns or flashlight

10. Camping table
11. Tarp,sunshade or screen house( optional)
12. Cots (optional)
13. Hammock( optional)
14. Camp rug (optional)
15. Table cloth (optional)
16. Firewood
17. Sleeping band and cloths liner (optional)

Kitchen itemImage result for Kitchen item camping
1.  Matches, lighter
2.  Fuel and stove
3.  Cooking utensils
4.  Frying pan
5.  Sharp knife
6.  Cook pots
7.  Plates or bowls
8.  Eating utensils
9.  Cutting board
10. Mug or cups
11. Cooler
12. Can opener or corkscrew
13. Dishtowel
14. Recycle bin
15. Camp sink
16. Water bottle
17. Ice substitutes
18. Soap
19. Sponge or scrubber
20. Camp grill (optional)
21. Dutch oven(optional)
22. Griddle
23. Grill rack(optional)
24. Ice cream maker( optional)
25. Roasting forks
26. Large plastic bins
27. Charcoal(optional)
28. Portable tea or coffee maker
29. Food storage container(optional)


Footwear and ClothingImage result for Footwear and Clothing camping
1.  Underwear, shorts, pants
2.  T-shirts
3.  Jacket
4.  Long sleeve shirts for preventing bugs bites
5.  Socks
6.  Boots or shoes
7.  Sleeping clothes
8.  Warm hats
9.  Swimsuits
10. Camp sandals or boots
11. Water sandals
12. Bandanas(optional)

Camping in hot weatherImage result for Camping in hot weather
1. Tarp, canopy (for shade)
2. Sunblock
3. Bug spray
4. Screen house
5. Beach towels
6. Hand fans (optional)

Camping in cold weather
1. Long underwear
2. Gloves
3. Coats
4. Warm insulated jackets
5. Fleece pants
6. Extra socks
7. Sleeping bags rated for cold temperature
8. Hot drink mixes, thermoses
9. Air activated hand wormers(optional)

Camping in the rainImage result for Camping in the rain
1. Rainwear
2. Rainboots
3. Umbrellas
4. Extra towels to wipe chair, board, tables

Camping with kidsImage result for Camping with kids
1.  Safeplace for kids to sleep
2.  Warm blankets for sleeping
3.  Baby monitor
4.  Thermometer or medicines for kids
5.  Baby fence
6.  Toys
7.  Snack containers
8.  Diapers and wipes
9.  Baby backpack
10. Breast pump(optional)

Tools and repairImage result for Tools Camping
1.  Duct tape
2.  Extra cord
3.  Multi-tools
4.  Dustpan and small broom
5.  Hammer
6.  Ax or saw
7.  Tent pole repair sleeves
8.  Matress/pad repair kit

Health and first aidImage result for Health and first aid camping
1.  Toothbrush and toothpaste
2.  Hand sanitizer
3.  Toiletry kit
4.  Toilet paper
5.  Menstrual items
6.  Prescribed medicine
7.  First aid kit or supplies
8.  Quick-dry towel
9.  Soap, shampoo, deodorant
10. Sunscreen
11. Sunglass
12. Insect repellent
13. Lotion, lip balm
14. Portable camp shower (optional)
15. Cosmetics(optional)
16. Brush/comb
17. Mirror
18. Antiseptic wipes
19. Urinary products
20. Sanitation trowel( if toilet places are not available)
21. Spare sunglass
22. Earplugs
23. Baby wipes
24. Fire extinguisher

Fun camping materialsImage result for Fun camping materials
1. Binocular
2. Bicycle and helmets
3. Bats, balls or other sports equipment
4. Storybooks
5. Sidewalk chalk
6. Fish catching equipment

ExtrasImage result for Fun camping materials
1. Notebook, pen/pencil
2. Music player with headphones
3. Navigation tools
4. Night sky/star chart identification
5. Portable power
6. Dry bags, plastic bins to store items
7. Solar and portable power
8. Mobile and power bank charger
9. Dog gear

PersonalImage result for Fun camping materials
1. Id card
2. Credit card or cash
3. Cell phones


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